lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Throw yourself in the punk hardcore burdello!

Even if this record is not as fresh as this blog page, it's never too late to download this skatethrash piece. 9 tracks (plus 1 very special cover) of fast, loud and thrashing skatecore the way you like it!
Stay tuned for a brand new limited Flexi 7" Ep from your favourite bunch of gnarly jerks. Out very sooon!


1. Furst Drei is Go!
2. Youth Sucks!
3. The Curse
4. Time to Revolt
5. Still Bored After All The Beers
6. No Bullshit
7. All My Songs Sound The Same
8. Ten Seconds
9. Let The Kids Shred The Streets
10. L.D.S.B. (Gang Green cover)

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