giovedì 16 maggio 2013


All the shows are booked, our asses are flaming at the idea of being on the road again with our crazy german tourmates, skateboards are set and our throaths are thirsty for beers!

Spread the word that we'll be thrashin' these towns and join us if you live close to a venue!

Here's the tour poster that Charlie "Broken Teeth" has drawn. It's gonna be screenprinted too by Handjobprints on a 35x50 black heavy cardstock paper.

FRI 24.5 - TUBINGEN (D) at Hegelstrasse
SAT 25.5 - KLADNO (CZ) at Auto Da Fé Music Pub
SUN 26.5 - BERLIN (D) at Kili Lounge
MON 27.5 - HALLE SAALE (D) at Reil 78
TUE 28.5 - NURNBERG AREA (D) at House Show (ask for infos)
WED 29.5 - KORTRIJK (BEL) at The Pit's
FRI 31.5 - BASEL (CH) at HQ
SAT 1.6 - GOTHA (D) at Juwel

martedì 7 maggio 2013

You Suck! Flexis 7" Ep are FINALLY out!

It has been a hard effort but finally You Suck! Flexis Ep are ready! Two different versions of these fuckers: 100 fully screenprinted Tour Version copies (available at shows only) and 150 standard version copies. 

A one sided circular shaped (not the ugly squared flexis!) 33 1/2 rpm record totally self produced with 4 new blasting tracks of fast and loud thrashy skatecore. Recorded, mixed and mastered by You Suck! All artworks and illustrations by Charlie Broken Teeth.

Get these tunes in the download page for free and get your copy here if you like it!

lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Drug Problems fighting addiction to record the demotape

After nearly an year of drug fight, these problematic kids are in the making of a blurred demotape. Drums and bass are already done but we must wait for the other two members getting partially clean from their addiction to finish the whole stuff.

It's gonna be sick... sick as our livers!

In the meantime, join our problems.

Throw yourself in the punk hardcore burdello!

Even if this record is not as fresh as this blog page, it's never too late to download this skatethrash piece. 9 tracks (plus 1 very special cover) of fast, loud and thrashing skatecore the way you like it!
Stay tuned for a brand new limited Flexi 7" Ep from your favourite bunch of gnarly jerks. Out very sooon!


1. Furst Drei is Go!
2. Youth Sucks!
3. The Curse
4. Time to Revolt
5. Still Bored After All The Beers
6. No Bullshit
7. All My Songs Sound The Same
8. Ten Seconds
9. Let The Kids Shred The Streets
10. L.D.S.B. (Gang Green cover)

Putting ExIxA back on the map!

A lot of people always asked us what the fuck EIA is, well... ExIxA is the foggy hometown (near Parma, Shitaly) of bands like You Suck! and Drug Problems and is the biggest inspiration for all of us. 
Grey landscapes generate boredom wich generates anger inside of us... basically EIA is the reason why we play fast and raging noisy music.

Here'll you'll find news, downloads, infos about shows and other stuff. Stay tuned! And now...